What does CALC do?

The CALC (Contract Awarded Labor Category) tool searches awarded hourly rate prices on the eight GSA professional services schedules and returns comparable labor categories and prices based on search criteria and filters used. Learn more about the schedules below, or on the GSA website.

How can CALC help me?

The CALC tool was built to assist contracting officers and contracting specialists with market research and price analysis for labor categories on federal government contracts. By capturing award prices in a database with an easy to use interface, we can enable a search to be completed in a couple of seconds and return up to hundreds of comparables, versus spending hours searching paper files or GSA Advantage to come up with only a handful of comparables.

Additionally, the tool creates the opportunity to conduct calculations that will allow the contracting officer to gain understanding about the total population of data, such as ranges (highest and lowest prices), average prices. This data is helpful for negotiations for prices on contracts.

Where do the prices in this tool come from?

This tool shows actual ceiling prices awarded to various vendors at the master contract level, on the eight GSA professional services schedules listed below. These are not prices paid at the task order level, which may be slightly different (e.g. to reflect a discount).

Rates you see in CALC are:

  • Fully burdened hourly rates
  • Ceiling prices (awarded at the master contract level)
  • For the current fiscal year
  • Worldwide awarded rates

Where does the data come from?

The labor category prices are the awarded labor categories and prices on the companies' GSA Schedules. It is the same data that is uploaded into GSA Advantage; however, it is loaded on the day of award versus up to six months later (FSS-600) after award.

The contracting officer uploads the data to the pricing tool after the price list is reviewed, approved, and the contract award is made.

Where does the data reside?

The source data is housed in a database on GSA Region 10 servers and within an Amazon Web Services account for GSA 18F.

What are these schedules?

Visit GSA's website to learn more about the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS).

Professional Services Schedule

Covers contracts awarded to a single company for services that cover multiple schedules.

IT Schedule 70

IT Schedule 70 offers federal, state and local governments innovative solutions to their information technology needs.

Note: IT Schedule 70 is newly added so available results in CALC is currently limited.

78 Promotional, Recreation, Trophies

Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation, Trophies & Signs

36 Office, Imaging & Document Solution

36 Office, Imaging & Document Solution

Legacy FABS

Includes services for asset management, financial management, auditing, business information, program management and grant management.

Legacy AIMS

Advertising and Integrated Marketing Schedules (AIMS) provides advertising, marketing and related communications fields, including web & graphic design, direct mail campaigns, etc.

Note: AIMS is newly added so available results in CALC is currently limited.

58i Audio & Video Services

Professional Audio/Video, Telemetry/Tracking, Recording/Reproducing, and Signal Data Solutions

621i Professional & Allied Healthcare Staff

Professional and Allied Healthcare Staffing

71 Furniture


71_IIK Comprehensive Furniture Management Solutions

Comprehensive Furniture Management Solutions

72 Furnishings and Floor Coverings

72 Furnishings and Floor Coverings

736 Tech & Professional Staff

Temporary and Administrative Professional Staffing

Legacy Language

Provides a range of services, from basic transcribing to advance analytical consulting. Sign language and training are also offered.

03FAC Facilities Maintenance & Management

Facilities Maintenance and Management Solutions for Real Property

Legacy PES

Covers engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, software, aerospace, nuclear, bio, fire protection, and marine.

This schedule was formerly known as the Professional Engineering Schedule.

Legacy MOBIS

Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) provides management and consulting services, including facilitation, surveys, competetive sourcing and project management.

Legacy Logistics

Provides services (including deployment of supplies, equipment, materials and personnel) in the areas of planning acquisition and management of logistics system, expert advice, assistance, guidance, management, and operational support services. Various types of training are also available.

This schedule was formerly known as Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD).

Legacy Environmental

Provides services in environmental management, electronics stewardship, pollution prevention cleanup and restoration, HAZMAT, and training.