Google Analytics

CALC supports two kinds of integration with Google Analytics (GA):

  1. The Digital Analytics Program (DAP) is a government-wide GA 360 Suite account.
  2. Any other GA account, specified via the optional GA_TRACKING_ID environment variable.

For the most part, the same analytics metrics are sent to both GA accounts.

Most of the JavaScript logic for Google Analytics integration is in ga.js, and snippets included in HTML templates are in data_explorer/templates/analytics/. Please see these files for further documentation on how to track custom events, virtual pageviews, and more.

New Relic

If the NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY environment variable has been set and the associated New Relic account has New Relic Browser enabled, the New Relic Python agent will automatically inject JavaScript analytics script tags into CALC pages.


When deploying via Cloud Foundry, Kibana can be used to obtain server-side analytics.

For more details, see the Deploying to Cloud Foundry documentation.